What Your Personal Injury Attorney Needs to Know About You

You can find a host of articles on how to find a competent personal injury lawyer. These articles let you know important things to consider prior to choosing an attorney. You might follow the tips given in those articles to make sure you hire a lawyer who can represent you in court in the best way possible. In order to have a successful partnership with the lawyer, you should be open to them. Do not hide anything from the lawyer that can help them strengthen the case. Hiding important details regarding the case can weaken your case, so lawyers hate a surprise. Following are important things that you should let your lawyer know about.

Your Criminal History 

There is a rule of thumb you need to bear in mind when consulting your personal injury lawyer; you should let them know each and every important point that is related to the accident you had. You can do much better provided you keep this rule in your mind. It is right that everyone has something in their mind that they do not want to disclose in public. But disclosing such matters to a lawyer is an entirely different thing. Lawyers keep such matters confidential, as disclosing such matters to others can ruin their career. If you think that the defendant is not strong, then you are mistaken. The other party will also be trying their best to win the case. Therefore, you should let your attorney know regarding anything objectionable in your past.


Of course, your lawyer already knows regarding the injuries you have suffered from due to the accident. If you had received injuries before or after the accident in question, let your lawyer know about it. Do not make unnecessary delays in informing your lawyer of this, or your defendant may find it out by reviewing your medical records. How is this related to your case? Well, if you have claimed to have a knee injury in an accident caused by the other party, and the other party finds out that you had knee injury two years back playing football, it can weaken your case in the court. It does not mean you will lose the case but it is most likely to create difficulties for your lawyer. Therefore, let your lawyer know about it so that he may make necessary preparation to handle this matter properly in the court.

So, these are a few reasons why you must disclose all the matters related to your personal injury and the accident that cause these injuries to your personal injury lawyer. Hiding such details can weaken your case instead of strengthening it. If you hide something from your lawyer and the defendant lawyer discloses it in front of the court, then definitely it will leave a bad impression on the judge and this is definitely not good for you. Therefore, it is advisable to let your lawyer know about you so they could fight for you in court in the best way possible.

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