Accidents Causing Brain Injuries – Army Made Aware of Symptoms

Sitting in my office in Sacramento, California, I have read time and again about the staggering amount of brain injuries that are suffered by our troops abroad. As a Personal Injury Lawyer, I know that a traumatic brain injury can be not only devastating but unfortunately, many brain injuries go without detection and medical help. And the consequences can be devastating for an entire family.

Promising news awaits, however. As I was reading through the news today, I saw an article regarding the Army and a new campaign they are using to heighten awareness in soldiers about traumatic brain injuries. The campaign is designed to teach 1 million soldiers about the injury and how to recognize the symptoms of it in order to get immediate medical help, which can be fundamental to avoid later complications.

I am encouraged by this news, as I know that many of these injuries are “invisible” and may not be taken care of until a later, and more detrimental, date. We all, soldiers and non-soldiers alike, need to be aware of how a brain injury is caused and what the symptoms are of it. If we could recognize it, we could help more lives who have been affected by tthis condition.

At the offices of our law firm we witness this frequently, we often speak to those who have been afflicted by this condition, directly or undirectly. And we frequently succeed in making sure people receive due compensation which will contribute to help in making their lives better.

If you have been involved in an accident and believe that you may have a brain injury, seek medical help immediately. It can make all the difference, not only for your sake but also for your loved ones. For legal advice, please call us at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins. We are here to help.

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