West of Sacramento Bike Injury Case Gives Rise to Activist Group

I read in the news today an activist group called Stop Hurting Our Children (SHOK) has arisen from a lawsuit that took place just west of Sacramento in Marin County, California. The lawsuit was brought on by the families of eight children after the children were injured from quick-release bicycles sold by Wal-Mart. The quick-release bicycles have been said to spontaneously pop off, causing injury to anyone riding the bike. In the Marin County case alone, three of the eight children suffered from traumatic brain injury.

Bicycles that have a quick-release option were designed to allow the rider to take off the wheels of their bike without using tools. Many bike riders want the ability to remove the wheel(s) of their bikes for fixing flat tires, preventing theft, and putting bikes into cars. A website called Bicycling Life states the reason quick-release wheels come off is because the are often not put back on properly. There is a page on the website that describes the correct and incorrect way to put on a quick-release wheel. I suggest that if you do purchase or have purchased a bicycle with a quick-release wheel, you read the article. Information that can help save your children.

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