Injury Caused By Slip and Fall in Wal-Mart Store

As a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento, I know that someone can easily slip and fall in a store when there has been a spill that has not been taken care of. Currently, there is a lawsuit against the superstore, Wal-Mart, claiming that Wal-Mart employees failed to clean up water on the store’s floor and allowed a customer to walk in the puddle and subsequently fall.

The puddle of water was left near the main exit of the store and two employees were nearby when the injured person fell, supposedly leaving her “permanently injured”.

If employees leave a spill, such as water, on the floor of a store, a dangerous situation is present. For this case, there will have to be many questions answered, beginning with if the employees knew about the water spill, how long it had been there, and if it was open and obvious to the injured person, and what the injured person was doing at the time.

In a court of law, this may be hard to achieve. Without proper evidence, it may turn to be extremely difficult to irrevocably prove any of these situations. It takes a competent representation to make sure people get the rightful compensation for damages they deserve.

The types of injuries that can be obtained from any fall are diverse and can have serious complications. What may start seeming to be a mild pain in your wrist may, in fact, turn to be a serious strain that shouldn’t be neglected because it can have lasting effects and affect your daily life and routines. Always, always seek medical help in case of doubt. I can’t stress this enough.

If you have been injured or know someone that has been injured in a slip and fall accident, please call the Law Offices of Moseley Collins for advice.


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