Birth Injury Lawsuits in Sacramento, CA

The term birth injury may sound familiar to you. This type of injury involves a newborn baby. Some birth injuries are transient, which disappear within a couple of weeks, while others are lasting, which take years to disappear. At times, the injured baby has to live with the injury for the rest of his life.

Experts have described various types of birth injuries. The most common ones include caput succedaneum, subconjunctival, cephalohematoma, haemorrhage, facial paralysis, misused forceps, brachial palsy, cerebral palsy to name a few. Low intensity bruises and inflammation takes a little time to go away but serious injuries can cause serious problems for the baby.

Many of the mentioned injuries occur on account of the doctor’s negligence. In other cases, the staff is responsible. As a result, the parents of the baby suffer a great deal of stress, especially mental stress. So, it may be a good idea to sue the negligent doctor if you have experienced negligence.

You, as a layman, will have a difficult time dealing with legal matters related to birth injury lawsuits in California. Therefore, it would be hard to take legal action against the defendant, making it imperative to find a reputable birth injury lawyer in California.

You must go for a lawyer who specialize in handling the birth trauma cases. Some lawyers are so experienced that they can take care of all types of cases that fall in the same category. If you are sure that your doctor is faulty, you can sue them to make them pay compensation.

One important thing that you should remember is that you have to have strong evidence in order to strengthen your case. Medical negligence cases are serious so having substantial evidence is essential.

Normally, these cases are kept secret from common people because of the sensitivity of the medical profession. As a general rule, when a party chooses to file a case against a doctor, he or she will contact his insurance company. Then the insurance provider and the doctor will become defendant and can make it difficult for you get compensation. So, you should have a lawyer on your side.

The health care provider may then appoint a physician who will conduct an independent examination including MRI on the baby, especially if the baby sustained a brain trauma. Careful investigation results in a settlement amidst the parties involved. If the other party pays you compensation, you can use that compensation amount to pay out your bills and other expenses. Your success, for the most part, depends on the ability of your lawyer and strength of your case. So, it is essential to have a meeting with the lawyer and talk about the validity of case prior to taking it to the court of law. You will be most likely to achieve success if the lawyer proves that the defendant is at fault.

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