Injuries During Birth Due to Medical Malpractice

Have you heard news that you are going to become a parent? If so, this good news calls for celebration. There is no doubt that the birth of a baby is the happiest time for newlywed couples. Whenever a baby is born, everyone is happy, including the parents as well as the relatives. But this moment does not bring happiness in all cases. At times, the delivery process does not end up as it is supposed to. In other words, the baby or the mother sustains an injury causing a good deal of pain to both child and the mother. This creates a lot of worry for the parents and other people including doctors.

Normally, medical doctors in California try their best to take care of the baby and the mother. Injuries are bound to happen and can leave a lasting impact on the life of the victim and the parents. So, if this is the case with you, you should hire a birth injury lawyer in California.

Birth injuries like cracked collar bones, facial paralysis and bruises may disappear in short order. On the other hand, traumatic head injuries take a good deal of time to go away. In the majority of cases, the shortage of oxygen can lead to a serious injury.

If your baby has sustained a birth injury, you might be able to get compensation from the defendant. It is hoped that the doctor may have carried out everything in order to prevent injury to your baby. However, in some cases, doctors are negligent. Lack of care or negligence are common issues.

For example, untreated fatal distress, delayed ordering of the c-section, misuse of vacuum or forceps. Aside from these, delayed response to excess bleeding, infections after birth or surgery, lack of administration of pitocin and epidurals can also lead to a birth injury.

If you are suspicious that your child has sustained injury due to the doctor’s negligence, you should then contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in California. Once the lawyer has reviewed your case, you will be able to know whether you really have a case or not. The bulk of doctors try their level best to make sure both the baby and the mother are OK.

If the lawyer says that you have a solid claim, you can then ask the other party to pay you compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and injuries. You can expect to get a larger amount of compensation if the injury to your baby is long-term. With the help your attorney, you can file a claim properly. He will also make it easier for you to deal with the insurance company.

Again, doctors, for the most part, try their best to give best care to the baby during and after delivery but some doctors commit medical malpractice. If your baby is a medical malpractice victim, you should get a lawyer as soon as you can.

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