Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer in California About How Long Your Personal Injury Claim Will Take to Complete

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact answer to this question. Every personal injury lawsuit is different from another. The main objective of hiring a personal injury lawyer in California is to acquire the best amount of compensation possible. Given below are a few important factors to keep in mind. These can help you settle the case quickly and obtain the maximum amount of compensation.

1) The Facts

One thing is common for all personal injury cases in California. That is to investigate into the accident in order to find out the reason of the injury. Lawyers do have experience deal with injury cases yet they have to develop a good understanding of things in order to build a strong case. You should help them collect as much information as possible. Once they have collected enough information, they will be able to take or reject your case. So, you should help them collect facts. Once they have collected facts, they will be able to start on your case.

2) Liability

It is essential to establish liability in case of a personal injury lawsuit. This is the factor that will help you settle your case in a short or long period of time. If your lawyer succeeds in making the other party admit their fault, then you will expect to receive the right amount of compensation. The fact is that it is not easy to negotiate with the defendant. If the defendant does not admit his or her fault, then it will become harder to establish the liability. As a result, your case can take longer to resolve.

3) Settlement

Settlement is reached at the end of a personal injury lawsuit journey. But the time you will take to settle your case depends upon the level of cooperation from the defendant.

In some cases, the defendant tries to make you a compensation offer, which can be either reasonable or unreasonable. In the bulk of cases, the amount of compensation is much lower than you really deserve. In such a situation, your lawyer will come ahead for negotiation in order to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible. If the out-of-court negotiation does not reach an agreement, then your lawyer may take the case to the court with your permission. It can cost a good deal of money but the compensation you will get will be reasonable.

Delays in settling the case cannot benefit either of the party. Instead, it can cost more money to both of the parties. Mostly, attorneys try their best to settle the case as soon as possible, as the sooner they settle the case the sooner they will be able to take their fees. So, keep these factors in mind while determining the amount of time your case can take to settle. Hope you will find this article helpful in understanding this aspect of a personal injury case.

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