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One very important reason to hire an experienced attorney like Moseley Collins for your car accident is his experience in finding fair compensation. Simply filing a suit against the insured person’s insurance isn’t always enough. Often, the policy isn’t enough to cover all the damages done in a car accident. It may simply be insufficient to cover extensive damages.

It is at this moment that car accident victims often feel doubly victimized. Feelings of panic and fear race through their minds constantly. Where will the money come from to restore the damages done? Who will pay for the injuries and loss of income if the negligent drivers insurance isn’t enough to compensate?

Every accident victim requires someone who will resourcefully scout out every avenue of compensation in all areas of recovery. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can accomplish this successfully. There are several other routes available to recoup the expenses of an extensive accident. The victim driver and his/her passengers may have injuries and damages that should be part of a claim on another individual or entity that bears a responsibility in the accident.

It takes a certain type of driver to maneuver Sacramento roads. One must be attentive and skillful. It also takes a specific type of vehicle to successfully maneuver our roads. It should be responsive and well maintained at the very least. Despite having all these things, emergencies happen.

Emergencies on the road can take place anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Brake failure, flat tires, hydroplaning and all manner of breakdowns can cause an accident on the road. When those times occur consider some basic safety tips to prepare you.

Brake failure can definitely cause auto accidents. There are several reasons brakes can fail. If the driver has driven many miles and the breaks can get overheated. Puddles and excessively wet weather can also cause break failure. There are two breaking systems available in most passenger vehicles which California law mandates must be in working order before driving: hydraulic four wheel systems and a parking brake that is mechanically operated.

Communication involves speaking, listening, hand movements and observing facial expressions. A brain injury patient finds it difficult to maintain conversation or they may use improper tone of voice. Some patients find it difficult to determine the difference between a serious comment and a sarcastic remark. Some fail to understand a fast-paced conversation.

According to research, some brain injury patients find it difficult to take their turn in a conversation, while others are unable to find the right words in order to express themselves in speech or writing. Some patients who have serious brain injuries cannot understand conversations, books or newspapers. Some brain injury sufferers fly off the handle while communicating wither others.

Actually, brain injuries affect the thinking capability of the patient. As a result, it becomes a hurdle in the communication. The injuries may also affect their memory. They face difficulties remembering the names of their loved ones. While talking, they sometimes forget the topic they were talking about. Oftentimes, such patients cannot focus their concentration if there are some distractions. Organizing thoughts and avoiding confusion is a hard nut to crack for them. Communication problems make it harder for them to handle social situations. Some brain injury patients start blaming the person they are talking to.

People all over Sacramento, California get into car accidents every day. Whether it’s a simple fender-bender or a serious collision, one of the most common injuries from an accident is whiplash.

Here at the Office of Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney, Moseley Collins, we speak frequently with people suffering from the pain of whiplash. The following is information we have compiled to help those sufferers we know as well as those we don’t:

According to an article entitled “Whiplash” on, whiplash is a non-medical term used to describe neck pain following an injury to the soft tissues of the neck. It may also be called cervical sprain, cervical strain, or hyperextension injury. The injury occurs when the neck is forced to bend beyond its normal capacity.

As a Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento, Ca, we know that when someone has been injured in an accident, they have a whole bunch of questions that need to be answered. This is especially true when dealing with complex injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury. To understand more clearly what happens when a brain is injured in an accident, take a look at how a healthy brain and an injured brain are described by the Brain Injury Association:

A healthy brain

To understand what happens when the brain is injured, it is important to realize what a healthy brain is made of and what it does. The brain is enclosed inside the skull. The skull acts as a protective covering for the soft brain. The brain is made of neurons (nerve cells). The neurons form tracts that route throughout the brain. These nerve tracts carry messages to various parts of the brain. The brain uses these messages to perform functions. The functions include our coordinating our body’s systems, such as breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism; thought processing; body movements; personality; behavior; and the senses, such as vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Each part of the brain serves a specific function and links with other parts of the brain to form more complex functions.

Brain injuries have affected many lives in the Sacramento region and throughout California through traumatic accidents. At the Law Offices of Moseley Collins we know the implications and suffering of those who experience such a tragedy. We follow them closely. In continuing my explanation of what a brain injury is, I would like to discuss some treatment options to you.

Brain injury treatment…

In general, most people who experience a brain injury will need to undergo some rehabilitation to regain some of the functions lost from their accident. Many people will need to learn how to do the most basic of skills, such as talking and walking. Time frames for recovery will differ according to individual cases.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a serious accident, please be aware of any brain injury symptoms. As I said in my previous blog, brain injury can occur from a direct hit (such as a head hitting a windshield in a car crash) to a non-impact injury (such as a severe whiplash). Because of the wide variety of accidents resulting in this type of injury, there are often times when a brain injury may go unnoticed. It is of dire importance that if you believe you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, that you get help immediately. A swift diagnosis is very important in these cases.

The symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of brain injury are often found in a person’s cognitive ability and changes in their personality.

As a Personal Injury Law Firm in the Sacramento area, we know that many people suffer from brain or head injuries as a result of their accident. We also know how exhausting and overwhelming it can be trying to understand all the new terms and implications that come with a diagnosis. We think it’s important to share some information in order to raise awareness.

This being so, I decided to give you a brief overview of brain/head injuries in my next couple of blogs. I hope that some of this information comes in handy and can help you see a clearer picture of what may have occurred during and as a result of your injury.

How it occurs…

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