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When it comes to brain injuries and suicide, the risk factors include anxiety, depression, reduced psychological functioning, post traumatic stress disorder, and aggressive behavior and so on. There are some other risk factors as well, such as panic attacks, memory loss, problems with anger, impaired thinking, drug use, and substance abuse. Some patients with brain injuries tend to stay away from society and show impulsive behavior.

Brain health disorders are one of the most common factors that lead to suicides. Aside from these, some pre-injury issues, such as bipolar disease, seizure disorder, psychosis, personality disorder, past psychiatric illness or past suicidal attempts are some important factors.

Other problems associated with the suicide risk include the feeling of hopelessness, perception of loss, isolation problems, poor family relationships, feeling of loneliness, lack of initiative, feelings of fatigue and so on. According to research studies, a brain injury patient may tend to commit suicide if he is unable to get a job, have cognitive issues, have feelings of low self-esteem, or have feelings of sadness. These are some of the common factors leading a patient to commit suicide.

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