CHP Winter Safety Driving Tips

With winter fast approaching there is no better time to take stock of the California Highway Patrols recommended winter driving safety tips. Preparedness is the first step to safety in the winter months when driving is more dangerous. The California Highway Patrol has issued several tips to aid drivers in these months.

When temperatures start to drop, take note of all aspects of your car.

Check the brakes and make sure the pads are in good working order. Check the brake fluid and make sure there is no air in the lines. Inspect the windshield wipers, heater and exhaust to make certain everything is in good working order.

Take precautions against freezing by having adequate amounts of antifreeze in the water. Special solvents can be added to the windshield wiper fluid and water reservoir to prevent icing and freezing.

Tires are important in the winter. The tread should not be worn or shiny and the air pressure should remain at the recommended amount for the vehicle type.

Always carry an emergency bag in the car. It should contain water, chains, de-icer or ice scraper, flashlight, nonperishable food items, warm clothing and blankets. It’s also a good idea to carry extra chain links.

An extra car key hidden on the outside of the car or in a pocket somewhere can be a lifesaver. Many motorists lock themselves out while putting on chains or scraping the windshield.

Be aware of time. Traveling in the mountains of California during the winter months is takes more time than in other months. Allow time for inclement weather and slower traffic.

It is important to keep your gas tank full during winter months. One never knows when an unexpected storm will turn up and keep motorists stranded on the road longer than they anticipated. Exits can be cut off and roads damaged to the point no traffic can go through.

Keep the windows clear. Never is this more important than when conditions outside the window are sketchy. If wind, sand, snow and rain are blowing around, a clean window is a must. Visibility is often an issue in the winter months. Don’t let a dirty windshield add to the problem.

Be ever mindful of your speed. Remember that speeds that are safe on summer roads are necessarily safe on winter’s roads. Ice, rain and snow can make roads unsafe.

Sudden lane changes or changes in direction are not safe in winter temperatures. Icy roads make sudden changes in direction virtually impossible. Skidding off the road becomes a very real possibility.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Road Conditions Hotline is always available for motorists to check the status of road conditions before they head out on the road. 1-800-427-ROAD (1-800-427-7623).

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