Dog Bite Incidents at a Low in Sacramento

Dog bites are serious business. Even bites from small dogs can be harmful and even deadly. Besides the obvious damage, dog bites can cause diseases and permanent scarring, disfigurement and lifelong maladies. Seeking the aid of Moseley Collins immediately after a dog bite is imperative.

Dog bite statistics are on the decline in Sacramento and California in general, according to Only five fatalities from a dog bite were reported in 2012, the latest statistics. Eight were reported in 2011. Two of the five in 2012 were pit bull related. The other three involved a German Shepherd, Rottweiler and a Husky. Four of the attacks involved children.

While dog bites are down, they cannot be totally prevented. There is always a chance a dog will bite. Animals, even fully domesticated, are unpredictable.

Not only are dog bites painful, cause scarring and disfigurement and even death, they can also spread disease. There are some maladies that can be spread through the saliva of a dog. While they are far more harmful to other dogs than humans, they can cause considerable discomfort.

Staph infections can be passed through dog saliva to a person. Once a dog bite breaks the skin, streptococcal and staphylococcal bacteria that live normally on the skin and is harmless, can enter the wound and make the host sick.

People with immunity problems can develop Capnocytophaga, lso called septicemia or blood poisoning. People with AIDS, diabetes or arthritis are especially susceptible.

All dogs, even healthy ones, have the bacteria called pasteurella in their saliva. Sometimes these bacteria will cause swelling, pain and inflammation in the bite region.

The most deadly of all diseases from a dog bite is rabies. Rabies is deadly for both the human and the dog. Once a dog is infected with rabies and bites a human, the human is infected. Rabies causes headache and fever in the early stages.

Flu-like symptoms and general weakness are the first signs of rabies which may not display themselves for months after a dog bite. The bite location will feel sore, itchy and prickly.

The progressing disease will cause extreme anxiety, confusion and agitation in the host. Infected persons eventually become hyperactive, foam at the mouth and develop an aversion to water. Hallucinations and insomnia begin to develop as well.

Paralysis and coma are the final stages of rabies in humans. The majority of infected individuals die of heart failure.

Treatment for a dog bite must be sought out immediately. Even a small, innocuous bite has the opportunity to wreak havoc on your body. Once medical treatment is sought for your bite it is important to seek out the help of Moseley Collins.

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