Longer Recovery Time with Traumatic Brain Injury

An interesting story in the news brought me back to the days of Terri Shiavo and the legal battle her family went through in the court of law. After a car crash, a man named Jesse Ramirez was left in a coma, being supported by tubes and machines. After a week, the doctors informed Jesse’s family that he would not recover from the state he was in. A not so subtle indication that the family should consider switching the machines off, ending Jesses’ life?

The battle began when Jesse’s wife, after receiving advice from the medical team, decided Jesse should be taken off of life support. Other members of Jesse’s family did not agree and made a legal appeal to the court in which they won. Feeding and water tubes were reconnected and some several weeks of hard work by the medical team later, seemingly miraculously, Jesse regained consciousness to the point that he is now able to interact with visitors. He does not speak but he gives clear non-verbal signs that represent yes and no, if he is asked a question.

I find this story so incredible because it shows how traumatic injuries often have a longer recovery time than normal. We should be careful not dismiss a case, or a human being for that matter, within such a short frame of time. I continuously argue that the symptoms of brain injury are individual to every case. And as a lawyer, I see this type of situation as the one described in the article a little too often.

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