Three Siblings in Sacramento Car Crash

I read an article today about three siblings who were in a car crash in Sacramento, CA. It is distressing to read an article where you know that certain precautions could have possibly saved the lives of those who were killed. Every day at our offices, I witness the pain and grief associated with these types of accidents.

The three siblings were driving in an old Mustang near Elkhorn and 28th street when their car lost control and crashed into an SUV. The crash killed two of the siblings, 18 and 15 years old, and the youngest sibling, 14 years old, is in critical condition. There is no information on either if the other two teens also got injured or dead, or their respective identities and those of the victims.

The article in the paper states that the Mustang did not have functional airbags and that the children were also not wearing their seatbelts. I can’t stress enough how important these two necessities are. There are too many car accidents in Sacramento, much less the country, to be driving without protection. These two safety measures could have saved these youngsters lives. Please remember that and share it with your beloved ones. We need to play a role in all of this too.

Just read my other blog entry where I shared some statistics regarding deaths and injuries that could have been avoided, had the victims been using their seatbelts. The numbers are staggering and when the lives that are taken are those of young people it seems it all assumes an even more tragic dimension.

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