Slip and Fall Conditions – Sacramento Injury Lawyer Discussion

As a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer, I know that there are numerous conditions that must be met in proving fault in a slip and fall case. Many people are injured each year when they slip or trip and fall. But how many of these accidents are valid slip and fall cases?

One of the first requirements that must be met is that the injured person fell on someone else property because of a dangerous situation and were injured because of the owner’s lack of action to amend the situation. There are three ways to show this:

1. The owner of the property caused the dangerous condition.
2. The owner of the property knew about the dangerous condition and failed to do anything about it.

3. The owner of the property should have know as a reasonable person that the dangerous condition existed and should have corrected it.

Let me give you an example using scenario number two. A store owner likes to keep her floors shiny and polished and gets them waxed several times a week. Unfortunately, several customers lately have complained about the slipperiness of the floor. The store owner does nothing to amend the floor’s slipperiness (she likes her floors shiny) and continues to get them waxed several times a week. Mr. X walks in one day to shop and slips and falls on the floor, seriously injuring himself. In this situation, the store owner is likely to be held liable for Mr. X’s injuries.

In my next blog, I will continue to discuss conditions that must be met in order to prove fault in a slip and fall case. If you have been injured by slipping or tripping and believe that the property owner allowed a dangerous condition to exist, please call our Law Offices for advice.

Stay safe…
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