Man Attacked by Two Pit Bulls

Tim Tillman, a Sacramento, California resident, was attacked by two pit bulls June 16th, 2008. According to a story that appeared in the Sacramento Bee, Tillman, a Sacramento Municipal Utility District employee was bit on both arms and had one hand mangled while working. His mangled hand required surgery. When Tillman arrived to the clients home, the gate to Cynthia Peters yard was open with no latch to securely shut it. He was not warned that the dogs had vicious tempers, so when the dogs proceeded towards Tillman, he thought he could handle them and get to his car safely.

According to the senior animal control officer who reported to the scene:

“It was one of the worst bites I have ever seen.”

Also according to the Sacramento Bee:

Even if Tillman decided not to press a case against the two pit bulls and their owner, county officials would have pursued a vicious dog hearing anyway. The incident was one of several serious dog attacks in Sacramento County last month.

The same day Tillman was attacked, a woman and her Pomeranian were attacked by a stray dog. The woman suffered from a broken finger, some cuts, and bruises. Her dog suffered from a broken leg and a couple punctured wounds. The dog responsible for this hasn’t been found.

Dog bites seem to be quite common recently. A study shows that in June, 123 bite reports were recorded involving dogs or cats in Sacramento County.

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