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A cyclist, Mr. James Glendon Combis, 59-years-old, died in a crash with an automobile in Sacramento in October. Mr. Combis was riding along Stockton Blvd near Quinta Court approximately 6:30 a.m.. For reasons unknown, he veered suddenly into traffic and was struck by a SUV.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe attempted to stop and avoid hitting Combis but was unable to. Mr. Combis was jetted into traffic and received major, life-threatening injuries. He was rushed to Kaiser South Sacramento Hospital, succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

Mr. Combis was not wearing a helmet. The bicycle had no rear light and it is not known if it had a front light. Details like these seem unimportant in the face of such a tragedy but, in fact, may have saved his life.

It isn’t illegal to ride a bike without lights but facts prove lights and reflectors help drivers to see and be more aware of the cyclists around them. Most experts recommend cyclists automatically assume drivers cannot see them and should always take extra precautions.

Drivers approaching an intersection or those traveling in the same direction as a biker do have trouble seeing them. Bicyclists should take care crossing in front of autos and be hyper-attentive to all traffic around them during their ride. Bikers should always make sure they are plainly visible with lights, and reflectors. It is also highly recommended to wear reflective clothing, a helmet and knee pads when riding for further protection.

The driver of the SUV that struck and killed Mr. Combis, Ma Lendy Ortiguesa, is not facing any criminal charges. California Highway Patrol reported he turned directly into the line of traffic. This isn’t always the case, however. This is where it can get tricky. Just because criminal charges do not apply does not mean a civil case is not present. Liability can often lie with the driver of the automobile.

Civil suits address different issues than criminal cases and liability in a civil case depends on different standards. In a case like that of Mr. Combis, civil liability may come into play. For instance, a driver can be going the speed limit in a posted area but if it is raining or some other drastic weather situation occurs the speed should have been lowered.

In a situation like the above, there may be some civil liability. However, no laws were broken and so no criminal charges apply. All too often, car drivers who hit a bicyclist can be held liable in civil court for damages.

If found liable drivers can be forced to pay medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering for the bike rider. Should the cyclists die the surviving family members may be entitled to payments as well. Moseley Collins has a wealth of experience and legal knowledge in the field of personal injury law. Let him out his education, experience and know-how to work for you.

Yes, California is known as the state that rarely rains or snows, but there will come a time during the winter months when we’ll have to travel out of state bounds. Driving in heaps of snow can be challenging, especially if you are not used to doing so. If you’re not extra careful and skillful you can easily have an accident. If the need arises for you to cross state bounds here are some tips you should keep in mind to ensure your safety on the road.

Prepare Your Car
First off, you should make your vehicle is ready to handle the snowy roads. Taking simple maintenance/mechanical precautions can prevent an accident. If you are not experienced in working on cars than its best you seek the professional help of a skilled and trustworthy mechanic.

1. Make sure your vehicle has adequate antifreeze. Anti-freeze is what keeps the engine at appropriate temperature levels in various weather conditions.

2. Ensure that your wiper blades are fully functional; you may even want to consider installing a new pair just to be on the safe side.

3. Check your tires and make sure they are I good condition. Handling icy and snowy roads with tires with little to no tread is extremely dangerous. You’ll also want to check your tires air pressure.

4. Keep an emergency kit in your car at all times. Your emergency kit should include things like; first aid items, blankets, jumper cables and flares.

Driving Safety
1. Avoid driving fast in fact, it’s suggested that you drive under the speed limit. It’s harder to handle a vehicle going fast on slippery roads and it becomes difficult to stop when braking.

2. When it visibility becomes difficult, slow down and take your time.

3. Increase the following distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

4. If your front wheels start to skid, shift in neutral and you’ll feel the wheels eventually return to normal traction.

5. Beware of black ice that tends to form on bridges, underpasses, intersections and shaded areas.

6. If plow trucks are on the road, be patient and avoid passing them because they have limited visibility.

7. If your front wheels start to skid, immediately remove your foot from the gas and shift to neutral. Do not try to steer immediately. When the wheels start to skid sideway, traction will slowly return and then you can begin to steer in the direction you want to go. Shift the transmission back into drive and accelerate slowly.

8. If you happen to get stuck in snow, do not spin your wheels because this will cause you to sink deeper in the snow. Instead, move your wheels from side to side, to move some of the snow out of the win and gently step on the accelerator to ease the vehicle out. You may have to drive both backwards and forwards a few times to get the car moving. If you have a shovel available you can also remove some of the snow from the undersides of the vehicle.

Are you trying to find out what auto accident lawyers in California do? If so, you are not alone. People only have limited knowledge of what lawyers do. Their information typically comes from TV ads and shows. As a matter of fact, there are only a very few people out there who actually know what auto accident solicitors do. The competition between lawyers has made lawyers much more greedy than before. They try to snatch as much money as possible from their innocent clients. Right? No, these are just rumors. As we know, black sheep are in almost every profession and field of law is not an exception.

Personal Injury

Auto accident solicitors out there work in a broad field of law, which is termed as personal injury. Personal injury cases, for the most part, are filed against individuals who cause injury to others due to negligence. That person could be an individual or a company. For example, if you slip and fall in a mall and get injured, you may choose to file a case against the owner or manager of the mall. The same applies in case of a car accident as well, if you lost control over your car due to another person’s negligence, you have a right to file a case against him or her. In this case, the accident could have been avoided if the other individual had taken enough care.

Insurance Companies

In cases like these, the auto accident attorney will go after the insurance company for the recovery of compensation. Drivers get auto insurance in order to protect themselves in case of an accident or lawsuit. Therefore, they get the services of a smart auto accident solicitor to make the insurance company pay damages. Insurance providers tend to avoid paying the full amount of compensation a driver deserves. Therefore, an auto accident attorney in Sacramento, CA must be contacted and hired ASAP. Keep in mind that it is often tough to deal with insurance carriers as they have expert lawyers on their side to deal with cases. So, if you are not good at negotiation, you may choose to get expert advice by hiring a solicitor.

Negotiations and Lawsuits
Contrary to all misconceptions, the majority of auto accident disputes are handled without taking the case to the court of law. This is because high expenses occur if the case is taken to the court. Furthermore, at times, cases take years to settle if taken to the court. In the same, insurance company, also do not want to make the matter complex by insisting the victim to accept a small amount as compensation. With effective negotiation, insurance companies given in and agree to pay the exact amount your deserve. This can only be made possible if you choose to have a good solicitor on your side. So, take the time to carry out some research in order to come up with a good list of experienced auto accident solicitors in Sacramento, CA.

After an accident, you may find it difficult to deal with things, as there are a lot of things going on. Due to the injury you sustained, you may not be able to carry out your day-to-day activities. In the same way, you will find it very hard to file a claim against the party that caused you the injury. For that reason, you should visit with a smart auto accident lawyer in Sacramento, CA. Once you have hired one, you will be able to focus on your life while your lawyer takes care of the things related to your case.

Here it is important to bear in mind that for hiring the best solicitor, you will have to do some research. Hiring a wrong or inexperienced attorney will do more harm than good to you. Depending upon the severity of the accident you faced, you will end up dealing with various experts in order to prove that you deserve compensation. That is why, it is so important to have a good solicitor on your side.

If you really want the best legal service, you may want to go for the best solicitor out there. He or she will ensure success in a short period of time. Other things you should consider when seeking a good one are qualification and reliability. Of course, you should go for an auto accident solicitor in California who is trust worthy. For success, your claim should be valid and it should be heard in the court of law.

First, your solicitor will visit with the defendants in order to make them pay you a fair amount of compensation. In most cases, they succeed in making the defendant pay compensation. This saves them time, money, and effort as the case is settled outside court and the victim gets a fair amount of compensation in a short period of time. But this is possible only if your solicitor is qualified and experienced.

With a solicitor on your side, you do not need to worry about taking care of your case and paying legal fees, as the solicitor will work on contingency bases and get fees only after winning the case. The accident did not take place due to your fault. So why would you bear the expenses? The defendant has to bear all the expenses by giving you a fair amount of compensation.

The best decision you can make after having an auto accident is to get the best solicitor out there. After you have got one, you won’t need to deal with reading legal documents and negotiating with the insurance providers and the lawyer of the defendent. Everything will be on your attorney’s shoulders.

If you have been hurt due to someone’s negligence, then you should not just wait and let the injury recover. You should go and hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in California to get help.

Personal injury lawyers in California work on both hourly and contingency basis. Before you hire, it is important for you to do research in order to find a lawyer who is competent and experienced. Do not forget to read up on the lawyer to make sure their success rate is high. For this purpose, you can contact the previous clients of the attorney. They will tell you whether they had a good or bad experience working with the lawyer. So, this is very important.

If you are not financially independent or you do not have a lot of money, you should make sure your lawyer will pay out expenses related to your cases, such as expert witnesses, deposition costs, filing fees, medical records expenses just to name a few. If your solicitor is unable absorb these expenses and costs, then you may not give more attention to your case. At times, these expenses will cost you a great of money. So, it is better if your lawyer is ready to bear the related expenses.

Be attentive when the lawyer will be spelling out fee agreements and other matters related to your case. If he or she does not seem to be explaining things properly, you should find another lawyer. At times, lawyers try to keep hidden fees hidden from you. These fees are over and above the contingency fee agreed when the lawyer was taking your case. So, ask your lawyer whether the contingency fee will include other expenses as well.

The rate of success of an attorney in California is very important. Find out if the lawyer has enough experience handling your type of case. A lot of attorneys specialize in handling auto accident cases and other specialize in slip and fall cases, so make sure you are going to choose one who specializes in dealing with various personal injury lawsuits in California. The lawyer should be experienced and have a positive record.

Do not just hire a lawyer you heard about in a TV ad. Moreover, make sure your lawyer does not have too many cases to handle. This is because he won’t be able to spend enough time to handle your case if he already has many cases to resolve. So, do some market research and hire one who is popular due to their case handling in short period of time.
Choosing a California personal injury lawyer is a very important thing if you want to recover compensation in a short period of time. So, take your time to choose the best lawyer possible or you may end up losing your case.

For the past few years, the number of car crashers due to drunk driving has been going out of proportion. It ranges from car vs. motorcycle collision, to 18 wheeler truck vs. school bus, to single vehicle accident to multiple damaged autos. This has been a major worry not only to authorities but also to average pedestrians. There are thousands of innocent pedestrians dying all of sudden because of alcohol intoxication while driving.

Lack Discipline not lack of Education

With all the media platforms that we have in our time, ignorance to advocacies, statistics, and other information relating to auto accident is almost impossible. The government has been incessant about the advocacy. Obviously, what is really lacking in the society is the discipline to adhere, comply, and apply all the information available. The education about drunk-driving is not a top confidential subject which you could not see in mainstream media. It is something which is being repeatedly shown in many avenues.


There are many incidents wherein drunk drivers who are obviously at fault don’t have any car insurance with them. Though there is a slim chance for someone to get a driver’s license without having auto insurance, there are still stances where drivers involved in car crashes are not really insured. Even if they are insured, the policy that they have don’t extend the coverage to liability coverage, damage coverage, and etc. This is why even for those people who are non-drivers have to get an accident or auto insurance which cover them even if they are just pedestrians involved in auto accidents. Even those people who are underinsured or uninsured cannot escape paying the damages made in auto accidents. Most likely they will not be allowed to renew their licenses.

Liabilities and Recovering Damages

There is always a certain level of bias when finding out who is responsible in any auto accident. There is greater assumption of guilt to those drivers who have consumed alcohol while driving. Alcohol will always be viewed as a major contributing consideration to any auto accident. That is why it is hard to defend a drunk driver. Juries will always have the inclination to unleash the punishment to drivers who are drunk.

Only a competent and experienced lawyer can somehow reverse this prevailing idea in auto accident case. Qualifying an auto accident lawyer should be a primary consideration. Referral can be a very effective means. Track records and reputation in the field of arena is another factor. Auto accident is a life changing experience. The turn outs can be devastating. There are people’s futures at stake and you can’t just run the risk.

Even with the effort of the government and other private sectors who are relentlessly informing the public about car crashes, there are still 1,300,000 people dying each year because of auto accident around the globe. What is more surprising is the fact that even those people who are considered responsible enough to drive like licensed drivers, young adults, and other highly qualified drivers, are also involved in most auto accident due to driving errors.

Negligence and Litigations

Most of auto accident cases are nothing but struggles to establish who are the people at fault; this means that the driver or the person accused is being tried because of his omission of the necessary care, conduct, or commission of error to cause the accident. There are times that the auto accidents are deliberate but this will be seen in court as a negligent action of an individual.

Traffic Controls

Many drivers assume that they’re smart enough to be managed by traffic signs and warnings. However this attitude turns to regretful aftermath of auto accident. Traffic rules were not crafted just to meet whimsical standards of the experts. They were made to solve issues on the road. Ignorance and arrogance in the road can cause so much unnecessary negative repercussion to many innocent lives. The rule is very simple; obey the rules and never let yourself and others get involved in any auto accident.

Road Arrogance

There are many people who would rather risk their lives in an auto accident than give way to another driver. This attitude results to horrifying accident in many countries. People who are too arrogant in the road seem to rush to their deathbed. Whenever possible keep in mind that you have to be cool while gripping the steering wheel.

Bad Habits

Admit it or not you are guilty of texting, talking to phone, reading, and falling asleep while driving. These are true to many cases of auto accidents in the country. There are task that you can multi task but you should understand that driving shout be excluded from that habit. Bear in mind that you are responsible to many lives not only yours but to all other people who wish nothing but a safe drive home.

There are many ways to prevent auto accidents. People just have to be more responsible and mature while driving. It will also be wise if you are going to invest in car insurance. There are many insurance companies who offer car coverage for a reasonable price. Besides, you cannot drive to any state if you don’t have any car insurance with you. This will be your safeguard in case you get involved in any car crash.

If you’ve been involved in a car crash, it’s best to consult any auto accident lawyer who can assist your case or claim. If you don’t have any lawyer to take care of your case, start choosing the right guy. Always refer to the reputation and track record of a lawyer and you can never go wrong. You should never take the risk – again.

If you have faced a car accident, you may be suffering immense frustration and pain. The best call you can make is to find and hire a good personal injury lawyer in California provided the accident has been caused by someone else. After all, the other party should pay you for the injuries you sustained. Depending upon the damages and injuries, your lawyer will figure the amount of compensation you deserve. This is a complicated job, though it can be made a lot easier with the legal assistance of a personal injury lawyer in California.

Why Hire

By hiring a lawyer, you won’t need to understand and memorize the laws related to personal injuries. The lawyer will make certain you are going to get the fair amount of compensation as soon as possible. Insurance companies strive to save themselves as much money as possible. As a result, you are not paid a fair amount of compensation. This happens when they are dealing with a person who has no knowledge of insurance companies.

If you have sustained serious injuries, then you need someone to help you deal with other important matters. This is where the role of a lawyer comes in. Most personal injury lawyers offer services and take fees only if you win the case. Usually, lawyers charge a contingency fee of 30-40% of the compensation you get.

Does Type Matter

There are several lawyers out there and most of them specialize in a certain area. Therefore, you should do some research prior to hiring one. For example, if you have received an injury in a car accident, then you should not go for a medical malpractice lawyer. In this case, you should go for an auto accident lawyer.

It may cost you a few bucks to consult a law firm but it is worth the money. With the help of your lawyer, you will be able to file a claim properly. Here it is important to note that hiring a lawyer you are not feeling comfortable with is not recommended.

What to Look For?

Selecting a lawyer is an important task, so you should do it wisely. You should find out the area where the lawyer specializes. Similarly, you need to figure out how many cases the lawyer has handled in the past. Once you have picked a lawyer, ask them how long your case can take to reach a settlement. At times, smart lawyers negotiate with the defendant and succeed in recovering a fair amount of compensation without taking the matter to the court of law.

If you want to file and win a case with ease, you should get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer in California. So, the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind in order to come up with a few good lawyers and choose one that best fits your needs. Hope you will be able to choose the right attorney with the tips given in this article. Remember only an experienced lawyer can get you the compensation you really deserve.

If a drunk driver has caused an injury to you or your loved one, then you may be entitled to recover compensation. For this purpose, you should first consult an experienced lawyer. Some drivers who often drive under the influence have no auto insurance policy. As long as you have an insurance policy, no one can stop you from recovering compensation. In the same way, your insurance provider will not up your rates provided the accident did not occur due to your fault.

It is important for you to make the drunk driver liable for what he or she did to you. If you do not own an auto insurance policy, you can still recover compensation from the driver. Here it is important to note that you can recover compensation even if the driver does not have an insurance policy.

If the court finds that the driver was guilty, the jury can hold a hearing termed as sentence haring for victims. The jury will inquire whether you have faced any economic losses not covered by insurance. A good example of this is your deductible. The driver will be ordered by the court to pay you for the losses. In case the driver does not act upon the order, the court can revoke the drivers probation and may send him or her to the jail. A good personal injury attorney can assist you in recovering the right amount of compensation you deserve.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that if a drunk driver has injured you, then you may recover more compensation if it was discovered that the driver was not sober. It is in the knowledge of insurance adjuster that the court awards additional punitive damages to the victim if the guilty driver is found extremely drunk. Although the majority of cases that involve DUI drivers are not taken to the court, but by hiring a lawyer you can maximize the amount of compensation you can obtain.

What would you do in case the drunken trucker does not own an insurance policy? In such a case, you have to consider a lot of things. If the owner of the car is not the driver, then the owner of the vehicle may have the insurance policy. In addition, if you or your loved one is seriously injured or killed, you should try to get compensation from the driver. For this purpose, you should hire a bona fide, experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer to make things easier.

If the drunken trucker was visible drunk and was still having alcohol, the tavern or bar may be held financially responsible for the injury or death occurred due to the driver. From legal perspective, the situations are complex and with hiring a good personal injury solicitor in California, you may not know whether it is worth taking the case to the court of law. So, think on it and find a lawyer that is best suitable for you. Hope you will find this article helpful. Thanks!

It is not possible to predict an accident. Most accidents happen due to the carelessness of other drivers. In case you have received an injury in an accident, you should file a case against the guilty driver to recover compensation. But it filing a case and proving it in the court can be a hard nut to crack.

The expenses to treat injuries can be high, so you should recover compensation you deserve from the defendant(s). You need the help of a Sacramento lawyer in order to go through this complicated process.

As said earlier, it is not easy to recover compensation. So, if you want to get justice, you should hire a Sacramento personal injury lawyer. Apart from personal injury, you can also recover compensation for property damages.

In your first meeting with your lawyer, they will help you understand your position and your odds of winning the case successfully. The lawyer will let you know whether it is worth filing a case. So, based on the suggestions of your lawyer, you should make a decision.

The lawyer will study your documents and collect facts related to the accident in order to figure out the amount of compensation you can obtain. Your hospital records and vehicle repair charges are the most important things for your lawyer. Moreover, your lawyer can hire an investigator so as to investigate into your case. This will help him know the reason of the accident that caused you the injury.

The objective of the investigator will be to discover what happened by taking statements from eyewitnesses. Once your lawyer has taken statements from them, his or her next step would be to find out the people responsible for causing the accident.

Once your lawyer has collect relevant evidence, their next move will be to know how to proceed with the case. If you really have a case, he or she will plan to file a case. He will try to find out the liable person and to calculate damages. Most personal injury lawyers are highly trained and experienced. This means they have a wide experience dealing with personal injury cases in Sacramento, CA. They can help you know and understand your rights.

Aside from that, there are various claims when it comes to personal injury. You should consult your lawyer to know more about it. So, you should take their suggestions about the type of claim you should make. Normally, it is determined based on your injury type.

You may not be aware of the rights the constitution gives you. At times, hospitals and companies try to avoid paying compensation even when they are at fault. They try to negotiate with the victims in order to settle at a lower amount of compensation. So, you should first consult your lawyer before agreeing to settle out of the court. Do not agree to make a settlement at an unreasonable amount of compensation. Always follow the tips given by your lawyer. If the other party does not give you the right amount of compensation, you should then file a case with the help of your lawyer.