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When clients come to a personal injury lawyer, they expect to be treated fairly and trust in their attorney to handle the case with care and dignity. For most people, it’s usually safe to assume that when someone tells you that he or she is an attorney, you can trust them. That, however, is exactly what led to trouble in California.

accident-lawyer-in-sacramentoOliver Ortega, a Guatemalan immigrant, learned this lesson the hard way five years ago. Ortega sought out a personal injury lawyer to aid him in his legal battle with a former employer who he was planning to sue for a wage claim. That’s when Ortega met Jesus Lozano, and his troubles really began.

On the surface, Lozano seemed to be a qualified, respected personal injury attorney. On his business card, he stated that he offered a wide range of different legal services. According to Ortega, Lozano had two complete sets of the California Penal Code on his bookshelves. So to get his case stated, Ortega paid Lozano $400 and was promised that he would begin working.

That’s where the problems began. When Ortega would try to contact Lozano, he got no answer or reply. When Ortega had meetings scheduled, Lozano would not show up. Suspicious, Ortega then contacted the Labor Commissioner of California to get more information on Lozano and his practice. Much to his surprise, Ortega found out that not only had no wage claim actually been filed on his behalf, but also Lozano was not a lawyer at all.

It turned out that Lozano had been conning immigrants for years. He would promise to help them with a number of claims including personal injury, court records, and immigration cases, but after they paid him, he would stop returning calls, showing up to meetings, or contact that client at all. Now that he was unmasked as a fraud, the commissioner needed to put a stop to his false practices.

To catch Lozano in the act, two investigators from Los Angeles County went undercover. They recorded Lozano in the act, offering to help clients with an immigration case. It was enough to convict. Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer filed criminal charges, and Lozano ended up pleading no contest to a total of three misdemeanor criminal counts, including practicing law without a license, acting as an immigration consultant without registering with the state, and violating an earlier injunction.

Unfortunately, there are still many others like Lozano who are conning immigrants out of a lot of money by pretending to offer legal services and then skipping out on the job. According to the L.A. County Department of Consumer Affairs, there were 328 total complaints filed involving people giving out immigration advice illegally. Over 30 of these complaints went all the way to prosecution.

Immigrants tend to be an easier target for con artists because of cultural and language barriers between themselves and the immigrants they’re supposed to be helping. These immigrants often fear backlash if they report any wrongdoing, so they are more likely to remain silent, even when it is clear that they are the victim of a scam.

What this story teaches us is that scammers are alive and well in California. If you require legal services, it’s important that you double check your employee’s credentials. Look up reviews about your attorney online and visit their website to get more information about them. Their license to practice law is a matter of public record, so you should be able to make sure your attorney is a legitimate attorney.

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The Amtrak passenger train crash of September 2008 was devastating for crash victims and their families. Emergency vehicles that were the first on the scene described at as both despairing and devastating, and victims of that crash are still recovering and fighting lawsuits to this day.

Their next challenge will be up against damage caps. According to Congress, there will be a limit on the total amount of damages that can be paid to passengers. The limit is $200 million, which may seem like a lot, but victims of that horrific crash don’t agree. So far, that number has not come close to compensating the number of people who were injured in that wreck.

The crash itself was one of the worst in the state of California. On September 12, 2008, an Amtrak train was heading north of the downtown area of Los Angeles when the driver, who was texting at the time, ran a red light. By running the light, the passenger train ran directly into a Union Pacific freight train. The collision resulted in 25 death and another 100 injured passengers. To this day, this wreck was one of the worst in U.S. history.

Victims of this crash originally tried to fight the $200 million cap. They appealed their case to Congress and tried to pressure it to get them to lift the limit, but little was ever done. This $200 million cap applies to all train wrecks in the United States and was enacted in 1997 to provide compensation for victims. There is now a chance that this cap will be raised from $200 million to $500 million. Victims of the May 12, 2015 Amtrak crash in Philadelphia are lobbying for changes that Californian victims called for earlier.

According to Judge Peter D. Lichtman of the Los Angeles Superior Court, the $200 million will only cover just over half of what is actually needed to compensate the victims of the 2008 rail wreck. In 2011, he was tasked with the duty to go through all of the claims filed by people who were injured in the crash along with their surviving family members, and it was up to him to decide who got enough money and who got only some money.

Lichtman himself said the process was similar to the problem submitted in the film, Sophie’s Choice, in which a prisoner in Auschwitz who must decide which child of her two she will send to the gas chamber and which will live. Many of the passengers had claims that totaled over $1 million. Others would be in need of lifelong medical care. One passenger, Jim Paulson, had to retire at the age of 58, and his income drastically fell. He suffered from depression brought on by the violent end of his career as a train conductor for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

In a statement to The Inquirer, Paulson said that he had only received $240,000 for his injuries. While this may seem like a lot, it was hardly enough for all of Paulson’s attorney’s fee and medical costs. Other passengers got even less.

Some have tried to make efforts to reform Congress’ stance on this issue. House member Elton Gallegly and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) attempted to get legislation pushed through that would increase Congress’ contribution to crash victims like the ones from these two crashes. Unfortunately, there were too many opponents of such a measure, and the movement never got the traction it needed to get started.

Clearly there is a need to help these victims. With the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia, hopefully change will soon come to Congress.

For many people, going to the dentist is something to be dreaded. Maybe it’s the worry over a dentist’s drilling or the general dislike of having someone poke around in your mouth, but most people wouldn’t mind putting off a dentist appointment as long as possible. However, dental care is essential to overall health, and you shouldn’t be skipping out on dentist appointments.

Like other doctors, dentists are also subjected to medical malpractice from time to time, and patients should expect the same standard of care from dentists as they would any other doctor or physician. Unfortunately, some dentists do slip up from time to time, as was the case with a root canal operation that went painfully wrong.

Back in March 2011, Supriya Sarin went to see her dentist, Darryl Simms, at the Farmington Family Dentistry for a root canal procedure. This procedure is used on teeth that are decaying or are infected, and with a good dentist, they can be saved. During the root canal procedure, a dentist will go into the tooth were the nerve and any pulp may be hiding. After cleaning this out, he or she will thoroughly clean the tooth and then reseal it to try and prevent the infection from happening again. Most people assume this procedure is very painful, but others report it as no more painful than the average tooth filling.

After Sarin’s surgery was finished, she said that she was in pain whenever she ate, slept, or was even resting. In short, she was in constant pain. Thus far, there have not been any possible cures for her discomfort, though dentists and doctors have tried.

Meanwhile, Sarin went ahead and filed a malpractice lawsuit against Simms and won her case. The jury granted her $4.5 million in damages. According to the lawsuit, Simms had cut into Sarin’s mouth and went too far down, which made for a very deep hole within her mouth. When he added the sealer, the lawsuit says that it went much farther down than usual and settled in the jaw where it hit a vital nerve. This is what doctors believe is causing such terrible pain.

You might be surprised, but oral health actually affects other parts of your body, so when you have to have oral surgery, you should take it seriously and listen to your dentist’s advice about what eat, drink or do. Here are some easy tips to make sure that your mouth heals properly after oral surgery.

• Anticipate the pain and have painkillers ready. You will more than likely experience so form of pain, and it’s easier to prevent it than get rid of it. Have your pain pills ready for the right time.
• Do not make plans for the rest of the day. Take the day off and relax. Doing too much can prolong the healing process.
• Do not do any exercise for 12 to 24 hours after the surgery. Overexerting yourself can increase the pain or even loosen blood clots. Skip the gym and take a breather.
• Reach out to your dentist or oral surgeon if you mouth continues to feel numb six hours after the surgery is over. Some dentists and surgeons will be able to inject steroids into your mouth. This will help your mouth return to normal at a faster rate.
• Follow your doctor’s advice for controlling any bleeding. Bleeding is natural, but if you experience it for several hours and it’s coming out thick, call a doctor immediately.

Remember, if anything feels off or strange in your mouth, it’s important that you seek medical attention immediately. Your mouth could be infected, and the disease could affect other parts of your body.

After years of trying to fix the healthcare system with the Californian prisons, it seems that things may finally be looking up, at least for state prisons. According to reports from “PolitiCal,” a section of the Los Angeles Times, contract prisons, which are known for taking on the overflow of inmates, have not seen the same improvements in the healthcare system just yet. J. Clark Kelso, the federal receiver who was appointed by the courts, has filed his most recent report, and though they show some optimism, it’s clear that there’s a long way to go.

The problems of the prison healthcare system first came to light back in 2006. U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson insisted that prison healthcare reform was greatly needed after it was officially determined that one inmate per week was dying because of medical malpractice. Henderson put together a comprehensive plan that would work towards ending these oversights, pointing out improvements that had occurred over nine years.

Kelso also concluded that improvements had been made. For example, the state had doubled the annual budget for prison health, and the population of prisons has decreased by about 40,000 inmates. His report also showed that the prisons had a solid medical staff on hand, and the processes that led to patients being diagnosed and treated were running smoothly. The prisons had also instated a process that would catch oversights in the prison healthcare system especially when inmates received poor care,

Still, there were problems that needed fixing, Kelso noted. They needed to improve their record keeping systems, and the scheduling system for appointments was still poor. Prisons also needed to be able to treat more illnesses onsite rather than sending inmates to hospitals, which means they needed to upgrade the treatment places within each prison.

While all of this shows progress for state prison, Kelso stated in his report that no such gains have been made by contract prisons. There are seven contract prisons in the state of California, and they are responsible for about 4,200 inmates. The state actually pays these prisons to take their overflow. GE group owns four of those prisons, and communities own the other three.

The biggest problem with these prisons seems to be what Kelso called the “lack of accountability.” No one was blamed for any poor treatment or even a misdiagnosis. None of the contract prisons had adequate staffing to meet the demands of the prisons, and they did not follow the state’s requirements of having a physician available for treatments five days per week. This meant that inmates who did need to receive care were often transferred back to the state prison, which only added to their delicate system.

The worst offender of all the contract prisons was the women’s prison in McFarland, which was owned by GE. According to Kelso’s report, the inmates, totaling 231m did not have immediate access to any physician for a solid month. Clear changes need to be made.

The state can go after these contract prisons with a lawsuit. GE Group has a contract with the state of California, and the state can file a lawsuit to seek damages if the prison cannot supply adequate care and follow the staffing requirements in the healthcare system. At this time, no lawsuit has been filed, but the state is asking that these prisons works to make physicians and nurses more available to inmates, improve their training, and work on their auditing requirements.

So while it’s good to see that progress is being made, clearly there is still some progress to be made. We can only hope that these prisons will improve over time and start delivering quality care to inmates.

When a patient checks into the ER, most of the time they are sick or in a lot of pain. Their minds might not be as sharp as usual, and they might have other things to worry about than signing release forms. These forms, however, may become the center of a lawsuit that could come to trial in the near future.

A California hospital’s liability is at the center of this release form lawsuit. In August 2008, Dean Whitlow awoke to hear his mother screaming uncontrollably. She claimed to be having the worst headache of her life. She was in such agony and Whitlow decided there was nothing to do but take her to the emergency room. On the way, she vomited in the car, and when they got to the waiting room at Rideout Memorial Hospital, she vomited again.

According to court documents, her pain ranked at a 6 out of 10, but would periodically spike to 10 out of 10. When the hospital staff asked her to sign a “Conditions Admissions” form, but her son insisted that she was so overwhelmed with the pain and nausea and she was crying uncontrollably. There was no way for her to be able to consent to these forms or even read them. Whitlow also stated that no one on the hospital staff ever read the statements to her in order to help her out.

Eventually, she signed the form. The form itself stated that all emergency room physicians and any radiologists, anesthesiologists, and pathologists were considered independent contractors, not formally employed by the hospital. Emergency room bills and doctor bills would come separately. Unable to do anything, Whitlow and his mother waited.

When a doctor finally looked over Whitlow’s mother, he diagnosed her with a muscle tension headache and sent her home, but the pain continued. At 9 p.m. that night while in an ambulance to go back to the hospital, Whitlow’s mother fainted. She was admitted to UC Davis Medical Center and died just two days later due to a left temporal hemorrhage.

Whitlow wanted to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital for misdiagnosing his mother, but the hospital claimed that the lawsuit was not valid. Whitlow’s mother had signed the release forms that absolved the hospital of responsibility for the independent contractor’s actions. According to a judge from Yuba County who originally dismissed the lawsuit, the employee who had diagnosed Whitlow’s mother was wearing a uniform that said California Emergency Physicians.

Whitlow wanted to fight these charges so he appealed the case to the state appeals court. That court found that hospitals should not be able to deflect responsibility for the actions of their physicians with just the signing of one form. Whitlow further argued that his mother was not actually in a position to comprehend what she was signing. The pain for the headache was just too much.

Since then, the case has been reinstated. According the state appeals court, hospitals cannot be protected from medical malpractice with these forms because most of the people who check into the ER are in various states of pain and worry. They do not have the capacity to determine what they are signing and what it will mean for them.

This is a great case for anyone facing a medical malpractice suit against a hospital and emergency room doctor. Hospitals need to stand by their physicians, and if one of them is negligent, then they need to take responsibility for employing them in the first place. It’s unclear how the court will rule in Whitlow’s case, but we’re sure to find out soon.

Making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a major choice that should be thoroughly thought out before agreeing to go through with it. For some, it’s a matter of helping them feel normal again after an accident leaves their body scared. For others, it’s about feeling great about yourself after battling breast cancer. Not all cosmetic surgery procedures are purely about vanity, so it’s important that all cosmetic surgeons take the best care of their patients, no matter what their need for cosmetic surgery is.

A Rocklin cosmetic physician is currently under house arrest after being charged with 112 felonies. Dr. Efrain Gonzalez, a cosmetic surgeon who owned his own practice, must face house arrest for the next three months to serve out the sentence of the plea deal he made with the Placer County District Attorney’s Office. On May 7, 2015, he gave an official plea of no contest to the charges that had been brought against him – conspiracy to perform medicine without a license as well as tax evasion.

In addition to house arrest, he must also pay $100,000 that will go into a fund dedicated to helping the victims who decided against suing Gonzalez. What makes this story even more interesting is that his wife, Dr. Yessennia Candelaria, had her charges dismissed as part of the agreement. Originally, the state of California was going to revoke her license, but instead, she has been put on probation for seven years. She is allowed to practice medicine, but the Medical Board of California will be watching her every move.

This case first started back in October 2013 when charges were brought against Gonzalez. He was accused of inflicting great bodily injury and committing mayhem. He was said to have left several women disfigured when he worked the Advanced Medspa Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, located in Rocklin. Gonzalez also had a separate office in Sacramento. Both of these offices are now closed.

Gonzales has trained as an obstetrician and gynecologist, and prosecutors are saying that he misrepresented himself and his credentials, but the biggest hurdle in convicting Gonzales was in the definition of mayhem. His lawyer stated that most cosmetic surgeries leave scars, which all patients should be keenly aware of. According to him, there was no reason that any mayhem charges should be filed against a license surgeon or physician simply because a patient is upset at the result.

Mayhem is also a criminal charge, not a civil one. If a conviction of mayhem was reached, medical malpractice insurance would not cover it. Instead, Gonzalez formally gave up his license to practice medicine in California, though he did offer to fix the patient who he supposedly scarred. Naturally, they were hesitant, but it didn’t matter. Gonzalez could no longer legally practice medicine anyway.

Clearly there’s a debate on whether or not this should have been criminal or civil case. There are still cases pending in civil court. It turns out that Gonzales was not the only one in trouble at Advanced Medspa Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. His wife, Candelaria, faced felony charges. She was accused of giving anesthesia to her patients for some of the surgeries performed at Advanced Medspa. Additionally, charges of possessing and transporting a controlled substance were brought against her as well as misdemeanor for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Overall, it’s a good day for the community now that these two doctors are no longer practicing medicine to the fullest extent. Gonzalez cannot practice at all while Candelaria can only prescribe certain drugs and is being subjected to drug testing. We’ll see how she does over the next seven years.

Since the widespread use of the internet, it’s become easier and easier for patients to research their own doctors and surgeons. This better prepares them for any major surgeries and encourages trust between doctors and patients. Because medical records and medical malpractice information is a matter of public record, patients now have the power to pick the best surgeons for their health needs/

But what happens when a doctor is moving around the country and uses different aliases? This was the case of Birmingham doctor Aria Sabit, who been accused of performing bad spinal surgeries and sending in fraudulent bills to several healthcare programs. Sabit’s work has crossed state borders many times and stretched from California to Michigan to Alabama. Now the case is in the hands of federal prosecutors, and they’re expecting a guilty verdict to come down.

sacramento medical malpractice lawyerThe case surrounding Sabit stems from the lumbar spinal fusions he performed. During these procedures, he was known to not use the correct medical devices to perform the surgery safely on the spinal columns of his patients. After the surgery was complete, Sabit would allegedly bill the healthcare providers of his patients for many different services – most of which he did not actually perform. His patients believed he had performed the surgery correctly, but the truth eventually came out.

In November 2014, Sabit was arrested in Michigan by the federal authorities, and in December of that year, he was indicted with 18 charges being brought against him. Seventeen were for healthcare fraud and one was for an unlawful procurement of naturalization.

Sabit worked at a variety of places before finally being indicted. He practiced medicine at Detroit Medical Center’s Sinai-Grace Hospital, Doctor’s Hospital of Michigan and McLaren Lapeer Region in Michigan, and a year earlier, he gave up his license to practice medicine in California. At that time, he had more than 24 medical malpractice actions brought against him. All of them were related to spinal surgeries that had led to further complications.

Sabit was originally born in Afghanistan, and before his arrest, he had made many trips back and forth between the United States and his country. After his arrest, it was decided that he was a flight risk and he had to stay in federal custody.

Now more than ever, it is important that we are diligent about researching doctors before we schedule surgeries and other procedures. Here are some tips on researching doctors for surgeries:

  • Head to the state medical board (in this case, California’s) website to look up our physician or surgeon. You can look up the medical license of your doctor and ensure that he or she has the right to practice medicine in your state.
  • Docinfor.org will also allow you to search for doctors on its database for a small fee. For each search on a doctor, you can learn his or her history (including where he or she went to medical school), board specialties, any alternate names, any previous disciplinary actions and licensure history.
  • Healthgrades.com is a free for patients and compiles reviews from other patients. It’s a for-profit site, but it’s worth checking before you go under the knife.

The best way to defend against medical malpractice is to do your research before you have any surgery done. While even the best doctors make mistakes from time to time, you’ll feel more comfortable once you know more about your surgeon or physician.

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When you’re in an auto accident, you might feel as if you’re being pulled in so many different directions. You’re worried about your own injuries and how they will affect your personal life and your ability to hold down a job. You might also be worried about any loved ones of yours who were also injured in the accident. Finally, your car has probably taken some serious damage, and it might be awhile before you have the money to either fix it or get a new one.

sacramento auto accident attorneyWhat you do need to be keenly aware of, out of all these issues, is the matter of statutes of limitations. After you’re in your accident, you have a set amount of time during which you need to get your claim filed. These limitations can change how you and your insurance claims are handled. If you file a claim past the deadline, you will not be able to file a case or a claim with your insurance.

If you have a personal injury claim resulting from an accident, then you have two years to file a lawsuit with regards to auto insurance. If you have property damage to your vehicle or personal property, then you have three years for which to file a lawsuit.

Wrongful death claims that stem from auto accidents also have statutes of limitations and stop people from filing lawsuits outside the allotted time period. Spouses and children who have lost loved ones have generally two years to bring their cases to the court room. California residents should also know that if they’re in a car accident with a vehicle from Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer, then they need to have paperwork filed with six months of the accident.

This is a very short turn-around time, but it is common for most lawsuits brought against the government. People need to be aware of this because if they’re planning on bringing an auto accident lawsuit against government vehicle, they need to act fast.

As previously mentioned, the times following an auto accident are stressful, but if you want to bring a solid case before a jury within the statute of limitations, there are some things you can do to better prepare yourself for what’s to come:

  • Research insurance: In some cases, your insurance company and the other person’s insurance may cover your property damage and injuries. Before filing anything, check with these entities to find out if filing a suit is needed to procure compensation. If it is, keep reading.
  • Gather evidence: The more evidence you have of another person’s negligence, the better. Start by getting a copy of the police report and contacting any witnesses to get their statements. You should also have pictures and other pieces of evidence if necessary.
  • Announce intent to file: If you’re serious about your claim, you should notify the person you’re planning to sue. It’s important to know that this does not mean that you have to file. You can change your find.
  • Decide to hire a lawyer: An attorney will help you every step of the way through the filing process and will be by your side throughout the ordeal. Once you hire your lawyer, he or she will be ready to move you onto the next step, and you will file the lawsuit.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, don’t wait too long before you file a suit. Though you may have other issues on your mind, you don’t want to wait before it’s too late. If you need help, you can always speak to a lawyer for advice.

If you have a loved one who has been injured in an auto accident, you will need a Sacramento auto accident attorneywith experience. Call Moseley Collins at (916) 444-4444 for a free consultation.

Moseley Collins is a Sacramento attorney serving those badly hurt throughout Northern California. There is absolutely NO FEE to discuss your case and there is absolutely no fee unless we win and get you the money you are entitled to. We are on your side and know what to do to get you compensation and justice.

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When you get a quote for your auto insurance, you see one lump sum, but what exactly makes up that lump sum. You might be surprised to learn that the state laws of California actually have a lot to do with how much you pay for auto insurance. Certain laws can give you discounts for certain things while raising your rates for others.

Car Accident Attorney SacramentoIf you’re planning on moving out of California or to California, then you need to be aware that your auto insurance might go up or down, depending on where you’re moving to and which laws apply to your situation. Here are a few laws and protections you should be aware of if you’re planning to move in the near future.

Personal Injury Protection
This type of protection is responsible for taking can of any medical bills or other medically-related expenses that you and your passengers may have resulting from a car accident. This insurance can be used no matter who was actually at fault for causing the wreck, and it can also extend coverage for any rehabilitation as well as child care, lost wages, and funeral expenses.

Personal injury protection is necessary in states with no-fault insurance laws. No-fault states force insurance companies to compensate their clients for any accidents regardless of who actually caused the accident. California is not a no-fault state, and the nearest no-fault state is North Dakota. Other no-fault states include Kentucky, Michigan, new Jersey, Florida, New York, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Utah (and Puerto Rico as well). Auto accident lawsuits are less common in these states because people usually sue each other only in the event of a very serious accident that causes major injuries.

That being said, it is important to note that Oregon, Delaware, Arkansas, and Maryland do require drivers to purchase personal injury protection.

In California, the law only requires that you purchase medical payments coverage. This type of insurance is somewhat similar to personal injury protection, but it doesn’t cover some of the other expenses like lost wages or child care.

Safety Discounts
Some states reward drivers whose cars have extra safety features on them. If you’re planning a cross-country move to Florida, New Jersey, or New York, then you might be able to save a little on your car insurance premium if you have certain safety features on your car.

Airbags and anti-lock brakes will qualify drivers for discounts in those three states. In New Jersey and New York, drivers can also get discounts for having automatic seatbelts in the car. New York also offers its drivers a discount if they have daytime running lights on their vehicles.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist
Being hit by an uninsured motorist can lead to massive out-of-pocket expenses for drivers, especially if the injuries or property damage is serious. Uninsured motorist protection can offer compensation if you are hit by one of these drivers; however, the state of California does not require you to carry this insurance. Oregon, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska do require this insurance so if you’re planning on moving to a nearby state, you will need this insurance.

Though a driver may be insured, he or she may have purchased the minimum amount of insurance, and if that person is responsible for injuring you in a major accident, the insurance won’t be enough to cover your damages. In situations like these, underinsured motorist insurance steps in to pick up the tap. Again, Californian drivers aren’t required to carry this insurance, by nearby drivers in Oregon, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska are required.

Moving to a new state is a busy experience itself. Make sure your auto insurance is up to speed with new laws before you settle in.

If you see someone exhibiting one or more of these behaviors at a time, that driver may be drunk. Record the person’s driver’s license and call 911 immediately. You may be saving a life and stopping an accident from occurring.

If you have a loved one who has been injured in a car accident, you will need a car accident attorney Sacramento with experience. Call Moseley Collins at (916) 444-4444 for a free consultation.

Moseley Collins is a Sacramento attorney serving those badly hurt throughout Northern California. There is absolutely NO FEE to discuss your case and there is absolutely no fee unless we win and get you the money you are entitled to. We are on your side and know what to do to get you compensation and justice.

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Almost every person who works a 9-5 job or similar craves the thrill of a Saturday night. Whether you’re going out with friends to a restaurant or night club or hanging out at home with your pet and spouse, Saturday night is usually one of enjoyment, rest, and relaxation. For most people at least.

sonoma car accident lawyerOn Saturday June 8, 2015, one group of motorists did not get to enjoy their Saturday nights as much as they would have liked to. A major car crash on Arnold Drive, located just southwest of Sonoma, California, resulted in two people going to the hospital and one going to jail at the Sonoma County Jail. The California Highway Patrol responded to the incident and reported on what happened.

Just before 8:30 p.m. on that Saturday night, Eladio R. Castro Naal, a 22-year-old resident of Petaluma, drove a 2000 Dodge Neon along Arnold Drive heading north. The vehicle was said to be weaving erratically back and forth, and witnesses suspected that the driver was drunk. As the Dodge came close to the intersection at Orange, close to where Brocco’s Old Barn is located, it continued to swerve.

Eventually, the driver lost control of the vehicle and drove right into a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier, which was headed south. The driver, 39-year-old Nathan Robertson of Novato, and his passenger, 31-year-old Elizabeth Robertson, both suffered major injuries and needed medical attention. Nathan was take out to Queen of the Valley, located in Napa, for treatment while Elizabeth was taken to Santa Rosa Memorial. Her injuries were slightly more minor than Nathan’s. Luckily for both of them, they were wearing their seatbelts, which stopped the crash from becoming far more serious.

Castro Naal also had several injuries that needed to be treated. After taking her to Santa Rosa Memorial for treatment, the police then transported the driver to Sonoma County Jail. They charged the driver on two counts: one DUI causing injury with a blood alcohol level over .08 (no word on how far over the limit the driver was) and another for violation of probation.

If more people had seen Castro Naal driving erratically, they might have had time to report the driver and stop any accident from occurring. The problem is that not everyone knows what signs to look for in a drunk driver. Moreover, they often reason that there could be other excuses for any erratic driving behavior. Maybe the driver dropped a pair of sunglasses or is reaching to change the radio station.

Regardless, if you see someone exhibiting the following bad driving behaviors, you should reach out and contact the authorities. These behaviors include:

  • Making unusually wide turns.
  • Driving down the center of the road or land rather than staying in the actual lane
  • Swerving and almost hitting another object or vehicle
  • Intense weaving and swerving across the road
  • Driving on the side ramp or very close to the grassy median
  • Turning or stopping abruptly or illegally
  • Driving at a speed that is at least 10 miles per hour under the posted speed limit
  • Intensely following another vehicle
  • Driving without any headlights on
  • Responding slowly or not at all to changes in traffic signals
  • Strange and unnecessary breaking

If you see someone exhibiting one or more of these behaviors at a time, that driver may be drunk. Record the person’s driver’s license and call 911 immediately. You may be saving a life and stopping an accident from occurring.

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