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Whenever you see the yellow diamond-shaped sign with two black figures crossing a road, you know you’ve entered a school zone. Typically the speed limit drops, and drivers need to be extra cautious to avoid hitting any parents and children when school is in session.

Are Sacramento School Zones Safe?Whether or not school zones in Sacramento are safe depends almost exclusively on the drivers and the attention to the road. Most research concludes that each year roughly 100 children are killed on their way to or from school, and another 25,000 are injured in accidents around school zones.

Of course, children should be taught how to stop, look and listen when crossing the street, and many school districts employ crossing guards to get children safely across the street. However, neither of those factors excuse a negligent, distracted driver who is speeding through a school zone.

Car-AccidentsWhen people imagine horrible car accidents it is most often involving another car. Nightmarish flashes of drunk drivers and irresponsible big rig operators occur when talk of tragic car accidents comes up. Surprisingly, studies have shown that most fatalities occur in single car crashes. AAA Mid-Atlantic produced studies of 8,000 fatal crashes over a period of five years. More than half died in single car crashes.

Survivors of single car accidents, including families of fatal victims, are faced with monetary issues that are often insurmountable. Grief, sadness and mental anguish added to financial difficulties clouds the thought process considerably. Many victims in these cases wrongly assume they cannot seek monetary recompense for damages accrued in the accident. There are some instances when a victim can seek financial compensation even though there were no other drivers involved.

When a third party is responsible for a single car crash they can be held responsible for damages accrued. Negligent drivers taking part in unsafe driving practices do not fit into this category. Unsafe driving practices include drunk driving or driving impaired, speeding, tailgating and distracted driving among others.

Car-Accidents-PainSlip and fall and construction accidents can cause life altering pain. However, automobile accidents result in more instances of chronic physical pain. Car accident collisions inflict great trauma and blunt force upon the human body resulting in violent jolts. The body bounces brutally inside the vehicle and is slammed into the hard interior façade.

Chronic pain resulting from a car accident can egregiously affect a person’s quality of life. The most basic things most people take for granted can be affected by chronic pain. Victims of chronic pain also frequently experience problems with mental health, depression, anxiety and a wide range of emotional disorder. The chronic pain teamed with the other issues it brings with it change a person’s life immeasurably.

California car accidents often incur whiplash during an accident. When the head is suddenly thrown forward and back violently injury to the muscles, nerves, ligaments and vertebrae occur, known as whiplash, a common cause of chronic pain.

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