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Neck and back problems can be hard to diagnose. Often, patients visit their doctors repeatedly for years and are never able to pinpoint the exact reason for neck and back pain. Chiropractic care has been used for centuries and generally thought to be safe. This isn’t to say it is without naysayers. There are many respectable detractors who claim this form of therapy is nothing more than voodoo. Others claim chiropractic maneuvers have been scientifically linked to blood clots, stroke and other neurovascular complications.

While the threat of injury is real, so is back pain and it is often unbearable. So much so, many patients take the health risks and seek the help of a chiropractor. Legal professionals agree all patients should be aware of the exact risks and their rights should injury occur at the hands of the chiropractor before making a decision to proceed with care.

Chiropractic manipulations that result in blood clots, stroke or other neurovascular complication or injury may have been caused by the chiropractor’s negligence. The techniques could have been provided incorrectly or without proper safety procedures to prevent injury. Chiropractic doctors are required to adhere to the same strict level of competence as other medical doctors. They are also required to carry medical malpractice insurance.

In today’s world people can suffer a personal injury in many different cases. An injury which seems to be growing rapidly both in Sacramento and throughout the US is Spinal Cord Injury. You can severely injure your spine from a car accident, falling, sports, violence, and many other ways.

According to the Spinal Cord Injury Facts And Statistics:

# SCI injuries are most commonly caused by:

We all know how much fun trampolines can be. We even had one of our own at our house in Sacramento, California a couple years back. Recent studies have shown, however, that trampolines, although fun, may not be as safe as we would hope. One of the most dangerous effects of trampolines is the potential of spinal cord injury. At our Personal Injury Law Firm, we know that this is no small injury. A spinal cord injury, especially in children, can be a hard battle to face.

Reports have shown that actually falling off trampolines will often result in “crippling injury and/or death including paralysis from spinal cord injury”. Other factors that led to these types of injuries occurred from colliding with others on the trampoline and trampoline somersaults or stunts.

Statistics by the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons show that 246,875 injuries from trampoline accidents occur each year in the U.S. 186,405 of these injuries were sustained by children 14 years old or younger.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you are bound to know how dangerous I feel motorcycle can be and also how difficult spinal cord injuries can be on the victim. We have seen in our law practice in Sacramento, California, how lives change after a spinal cord injury, especially if this injury results in paraplegia.

I read a news report today about a motorcyclist that was rear-ended. A 21-year old woman was driving her Jeep Cherokee, when she was distracted for a moment by one of her four dogs riding with her. As she glanced off the road, a man driving a motorcycle in front of her slowed down to make a turn. The woman rear-ended the man, sending him flying up onto her car and slamming him against her windshield. At the hospital, he was diagnosed as suffering from broken bones and a spinal cord injury, which has left him paralyzed.

The 21-year old, who was ticketed for speeding and driving without insurance three hours prior, was written up for a felony. Her charge was gross negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

I came across an interesting story today. A 64-year old ex-policeman has passed away. Cause of death was homicide…from a gunshot wound he received 41 years ago. At 23 years old, Walter Barclay was carrying out a burglary investigation when he was shot several times. The gunshots hit his spine, splintering it, and leaving him paralyzed.

41 years later, Barclay developed a urinary tract infection, directly related to his paraplegia, which was directly related to his shooting that fateful night. Prosecutors are now trying to decide whether or not to charge the shooter, William Barnes, with murder.

Working in our Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento, California, we know that there are many complications that will need to be addressed after a spinal cord injury, especially if the injury results in paralysis. It will be interesting to see what the prosecutors decide in this case. And if their answer is to charge Barnes for murder, what impact does that have on other cases of a similar manner?

As a Personal Injury Law Firm in the Sacramento area, it is always wonderful to read about stories of survivors of accidents and injuries. We know that a spinal cord injury is one of the hardest to deal with and learn to readjust. I read a story in the news today about a man who suffered from a spinal cord injury in a car crash five years ago. Today, he is learning to get around on his own and the injury has become the basis behind his work.

The man’s name is Brandon Ingram. He was in a car crash in which the driver of the other vehicle rear-ended him on the freeway. Crashing through his windshield, Brandon broke ribs, fracture a lung, and was paralyzed from the waist down. At the time of the accident he was 22 years old.

He began using a device called the Andara Oscillating Field Stimulator that helps regenerate damaged nerve fibers and restore some body functions. Brandon is one of 13 people to test the new machine.

When someone is a victim of an accident and subsequently, suffers from spinal cord injury, the average lifetime costs associated with the injury will vary substantially according to the person’s age.

To get a clearer understanding of the costs associated with this type of injury, I have included a list from The list shows the average lifetime cost for varying degrees of spinal cord injury. The first number indicates the average cost for a 25 year old person. The second number indicates the average cost for a 50 year old person.

Please take note that these averages do not included any indirect costs, such as wages.

At the Law Offices of Moseley Collins, we know that a spinal cord injury incurred from a serious accident has many detrimental implications. For one, the loss or partial loss of feeling and motion is a tremendous hardship for one to bear.

In addition to this loss, a person suffering from spinal cord injury will incur numerous costs throughout their lifetime. The following averages were found on I believe it is a helpful tool to use if you or someone you love has suffered from this type of injury.

The list below indicates the average yearly expenses as of May 2006 for injuries of varying severity. The first number is the average cost for the initial year and the following number is the average cost for each subsequent year.

Spinal Cord Injuries can be a devastating result from an accident. In our Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento, CA, we have experienced many cases in which the person injured suffered this loss. I believe it is important to give a brief overview of the injury, especially for those who have suffered personally or know someone that has. Please know that if you or someone you love has suffered from spinal cord injury in an accident, you can always call us at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins.

What is it?

Spinal cord injury, also know as myelopathy, occurs when the spinal cord is damaged by either a trauma (such as an automobile accident) or disease. The result of the damage is a loss of sensation and/or movement.

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